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Cocoa Twins® DIAL Creative Coaching Program Details:

When you embark on your 6-week journey with a Cocoa Twins® DIAL Creative Coach, you’re investing in a personalized roadmap to creative and business growth. Here’s how we ensure your journey is as smooth and fruitful as possible:

  1. Scheduled Sessions: You will receive three dedicated sessions with your chosen coach over a six-week period, designed to deeply engage with and support your creative business goals.
  2. Rescheduling Policy: Life happens, and we understand. If you need to cancel a scheduled coaching session, please contact your coach at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule. This courtesy allows us to manage our coaches' schedules effectively and ensure other clients can also receive timely support.
  3. Session Forfeiture: We encourage you to make the most of this opportunity. Any coaching sessions not used within the six-week program period will be forfeited. Plan ahead to ensure you can benefit from each session.
  4. Coach Cancellations and Changes: On the rare occasion a coach needs to cancel a session, they will inform you at least 48 hours in advance to arrange a reschedule. If necessary, we’re prepared to refer you to a different coach to ensure continuity in your coaching experience.
  5. Finding Your Perfect Match: We strive for a harmonious coach-client relationship. If you find that your coach’s style doesn’t align with your needs, you’re welcome to request a change by emailing [email protected]. Coaches also have the discretion to suggest a change if they feel it’s in the client's best interest.
  6. Success Is a Journey: While we are committed to providing clarity and supporting your efforts, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. Success is a collaborative process, and your active participation is key.
  7. Unique Coaching Styles: Each of our coaches brings their unique style and expertise to the table. Embracing this diversity can enrich your learning experience and offer new perspectives on your creative business journey.
  8. Refund Policy: Should your circumstances change, we accept refund requests through April 7th. This policy is designed to give you peace of mind while also committing to the journey ahead.

By understanding and respecting these guidelines, we can create a productive, supportive environment for all our clients. We’re here to support your growth and look forward to seeing the incredible strides you’ll make in your creative business endeavors.

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