Creating and Upscaling Ai Generated Art Using Creative Fabrica, Canva and LunaPic

1. What is Ai Art?

Ai Art is art created by artificial intelligence.

2. What are the benefits of creating Ai Art?

There are a number of benefits to creating ai art. First, it can be used to create art that would be otherwise impossible to create. Second, it can be used to create art that is more efficient and faster to create than traditional art. Finally, it can be used to create art that is more lifelike and realistic than traditional art.

Course Outline

  • Generate art using prompts in Creative Fabrica. Prompts will be provided by Cocoa Twins.
  • Upscale art using Canva's free or pro-version.
  • Upscale using a free tool called LunaPic. No subscription required.
  • Learn various strategies to monetize the art.
  • Plus more!

Equipment and Apps/ Software Required

  • Laptop/ Desktop
  • Internet Connection

Example Curriculum

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