The Course

Dive into the vibrant world of custom calendar design, where your creativity is celebrated in every month's layout! This hands-on course is all about crafting visually stunning and culturally rich calendars that pay homage to the beauty of diverse melanated skin tones. You'll unlock the secrets to blending striking graphics, inspirational quotes, and key celebratory dates into a year-round masterpiece. From selecting the perfect images to mastering layout software, you'll learn every step to make personalized time trackers that not only organize but also inspire.

Think about it: not only will your desk space be jazzed up with the colors of life, but you'll also be spreading awareness and appreciation for the richness of diverse cultures. By channeling your inner artist, you'll create practical art pieces that can grace homes and offices, making each day an opportunity to celebrate heritage and history. Plus, imagine the kudos when your friends and family unwrap a calendar you designed, bringing a piece of your heart and heritage into their daily lives! This isn't just a course; it's your launch pad into the world of functional art with a deeply personal touch.

What you will learn

When I set out to craft this course, I really wanted to make sure it was super accessible for someone just starting out, like yourself. It's all about giving you a clear path – think of it as a step-by-step guide – to creating something unique and beautiful that truly expresses who you are. I've poured into every module the necessary tools and insights that will not only help you develop your skills but also encourage that creative spark. You'll find the structure incredibly helpful because it's designed to build your confidence, showing you exactly how to weave your personal stories and heritage into each page of your calendar. This isn't just about learning the ropes; it's about creating a work of art that resonates with your voice and vision. Trust me, by the end of this, you'll not only have a stunning calendar to show off but also a foundation that will serve you in any creative project you take on down the road.

Week-by-Week Curriculum Outline

Week 1: Designing Templates and Calendars in Canva Learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful calendar templates using Canva, focusing on creativity, layout, and customization.

Week 2: Q&A Coworking Session Address questions from Week 1, receive tips for improving your designs, and work on refining assignments based on feedback.

Week 3: Self-Publishing Calendars with Lulu and Print on Demand (POD) Understand the process of self-publishing your calendars on platforms like Lulu and other POD services, including setup and promotion.

Week 4: Q&A Coworking Session Discuss common questions about self-publishing, and receive valuable marketing and promotion tips to boost your calendar sales.

Week 5: Printing, Assembly, and Binding at Home Master the techniques for printing, assembling, and binding your calendars at home, ensuring a professional finish.

Week 6: Q&A Coworking Session Resolve common printing and binding issues, and get expert tips for troubleshooting to ensure your calendars are perfectly finished.

Comprehensive Live Workshops and Office Hours

Live Workshops:
Participate in three detailed live workshops, each lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours, offering an in-depth examination of each module.

Office Hours:
Attend open office hours on alternate weeks to receive real-time assistance, engage in Q&A sessions, and receive personalized feedback.

Dynamic Community Engagement

Community Networking:
Join our exclusive community space to connect with other artists and entrepreneurs, building valuable relationships and support networks.

Collaborative Projects:
Work on joint projects, share your experiences, and support each other’s growth within a collaborative environment.

Essential Resources and Tools

Access to Resources:
Gain access to an array of templates, checklists, and workbooks designed to enhance your learning and facilitate practical application of skills.


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  Course Schedule
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  Week 0 - Kick-Off Meeting | Meet the Coaches | Build a Website with Beacons.Ai
Available in days
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  Week 1: Creating Templates and Calendar Designs in Canva
Available in days
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  Week 2: Q&A Coworking Session
Available in days
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  Week 3: Self-Publishing Calendars on Lulu and Print on Demand (POD)
Available in days
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  Week 4: Q&A Coworking Session
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days after you enroll
  Week 5: Printing, Assembly, and Binding at Home
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  Week 6: Q&A Coworking Session
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Your instructor

With a vibrant background in graphic design and a profound affinity for cultural aesthetics, I have carved a niche in the art world that celebrates the rich tapestry of melanated beauty. This experience has not only honed my skills but also deepened my understanding of how art can be a powerful narrator of identity and heritage. My portfolio is a testament to the myriad of stories etched in the hues and contours of my designs, earning recognition and showcasing the splendor of diversity in visual art. I am dedicated to fostering excellence in the creative realm by offering specialized and comprehensive coaching services. My mission is to empower artists, designers, and creators to harness the latest technology and innovative artistic techniques to achieve their full potential.

The course "Calendar Creation Craze" is the culmination of my passion for teaching and my commitment to elevating underrepresented voices through art. I've tailored this course to be a transformative experience that doesn't just impart technical know-how but also celebrates the rich narratives that every color and shape can convey. Students will find themselves on a creative odyssey, where they'll not only master the tools to craft visually stunning calendars but also learn to weave in the essence of cultural pride and personal identity in their creations. I am wholeheartedly invested in each student's growth, aspiring to ignite a lasting appreciation for the nuanced artistry that makes our world wonderfully diverse.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Infusing Energy into Every Month with Bold Colours


Redefining Time with Creative Melanated Motifs


Crafting Calendars that Tell a Story in Every Glance

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