Amplify Your Authentic Self and Build a Creative Business with Mesha Bazemore 

When starting a business, it’s not enough to have the skills and knowledge. You also need to have the right mindset in order to succeed. That’s where Mesha Bazemore comes in. She helps you take full advantage of your unique skills and talents, guiding you on how to amplify your authentic self while building, growing, and sustaining an impactful creative venture.

Who is Mesha Bazemore? Mesha Bazemore is Marine Corps Veteran, Certified Therapeutic Art, Life and Business Coach, Mom and Wife - with the gift of art, understanding and overcoming challenges.

Mesha believes that having a successful business isn’t just about working knowledge or skills — it’s fueled by your mindset as well. That’s why she offers group coaching services for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses or grow an existing one. Her goal is to help you tap into your true potential so that you can take full advantage of both your professional know-how and personal gifts. 

Mesha has made it her mission to empower African American women who are considering starting their own businesses but don't know where to begin or if they have what it takes to make it happen. She offers workshops that provide tips on how you can use your unique skillset to create something meaningful and profitable while also balancing family life.

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