What to Expect

Learn How to Create AI Art with CF Spark, MidJourney, and Playground Ai 

In this class, I will share and show you how to build your own prompts to create unique Ai art in CFSpark and MidJourney, as well as teach you how to upscale the art using an AI generator called Playground. 

What is CF Spark? CF Spark is a free AI application, with the option of purchasing a subscription, that helps users generate unique images.

What is MidJourney? MidJourney is a paid subscription service which provides access to additional features beyond what is offered by CF Spark such as more advanced customization options for images. 

What is Playground Ai? 

Playground Ai is a free AI generator, with an option to purchase a subscription, that uses machine learning algorithms to upscale Ai generated art into variations of the original image, while giving the user the ability to increase the size and quality of the image.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating amazing works of art with the help of these three applications! So don’t miss out! Sign up now!

Be sure to have your accounts setup before the class.

Visit https://www.creativefabrica.com/spark/ai-image-generator/ to get your account setup on Creative Fabrica.

Visit https://midjourney.gitbook.io/docs/ to setup your account on MidJourney.

Visit https://playground.ai.com to setup your account.

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