Hey guys. Hey and welcome to my 2022 digital paper class. My name is Mesha Bazemore. I am the owner and illustrator for Cocoa Twins.


Let's go ahead and dive in. Let's do our overview to see what to expect. So, chapter one, what is digital paper and how was it used chapter two pre-work and branding insights.


And we do have things we will go over in that chapter. Chapter three, making your ideas tangible chapter four, let's explore our design resource called wrapper chapter five, setting up your digital paper to sell in your store.


12 Canva QD, I'm sorry. Bonus Canva, QD, digital design tutorial, and then we're all done. All right. So each chapter will be presented in its own section in your teachable portal, and it will be a prerecorded, I'm sorry, a step-by-step recorded video that you will be able to follow along.


They not, they are not prerecorded. Okay. So they are step-by-step videos and you can follow it along posit fast forward it, do whatever you want to do and let's get started.

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